New Life Entrepreneurial Aid

New Life Entreprenuiral Aid

We feel a responsibility and a sincere desire to be able to help our sisters and brothers in the Lord, who live in much more difficult circumstances than we do. At the same time, we do not just want to contribute money to meet immediate needs, which just continue to be needs that need to be met again and again. No, we want to help make our siblings self-reliant. In other words, we want not only to give someone a fish that they can eat, but rather a net that they can fish many fish with and become a blessing around them.

This will mean that we will offer education in running a business, the Kingdom of God's principles of economics, education in practical subjects and last but not least be able to help provide the equipment needed to run a business.

This is something we want to offer to congregations that become part of the New Life Apostolic Network. Then this is in its infancy and needs to be built up, so that we can in no way help everyone who needs help yet. But with God's grace we will begin to enter into what God puts before us.

Kristin and Arild Teikari


Education in entrepreneurship

• What is the need in the market
• The business idea
• Marketing planning
• Budgeting
• Marketing
• Accounting

Education in God's economi

• The guidance of the Holy Spirit
• Tenth principle
• What do you have in the house
• Raise your eyes and see
• Be a blessing
• What you sow, you shall reap

Equipment and training in it

• PCs and mobile phones
• Digital skills
• Production equipment
• Training in the equipment
• Agricultural equipment
• Training in agriculture



Our first small entrepreneurship project was in J.A.E.M. Lemook Worship Center with pastor Keter Titus and reveran Mathew Maiyo, where we porvided some sewing machines from Norway. Here some of the women in the congregation receive training in their use.