New Life Churches

Our Apostlic Center:

New Life Sandnes

New Life Sandnes is the apostolic center in our network. This is a local church for Sandnes and the areas around Sandnes, but at the same time the congregation is a resource center for the other churches in the network. Here we run a Bible school in both Norwegian and English, we run a publishing house and we have leadership training.

The New Life Network also arranges several conferences during the year in Sandnes, where we gather people from all the other congregations in the network here in Norway, to get together and set the direction for the entire network. We arrange a prophetic conference at the beginning of each year and then apostle Arild Teikari has an annual seminar at the beginning of the fall, and finaly we have an apostolic / evangelistic conference at the end of the fall.

An apostolic center should be a hub of a network of congregations, a resource center for a region. We have seen how God has established us in this more and more, through the fact that he has raised up more and more ministry gifts in New Life Sandnes, which then becomes a blessing in the whole region. Through our media work, we reach further and further out, both in Norway and beyond in the rest of the world.

New Life Jørpeland

New Life Jørpeland was planted in the autumn of 2017 and has had various activities over the years. Mainly the congregation has had house meetings. Where one has had praise, preaching and ministry in the Holy Spirit in a home. Preachers from New Life Sandnes have mainly served the congregation, but now some local leaders / preachers have also emerged in Jørpeland.

The congregation has also had some public services, and had a Bible school one night a week for people in Jørpeland.

New Life Suldal

New Life Suldal joined the New Life Network in the autumn of 2018, the congregation had then existed for a few years. Suldal is a small town by one of the many Norwegian fjords. The congregation has had both public meetings, cafe operations, house meetings and prayer meetings as regular activities. They have also run a discipleship training school one weekend a month for several years.

In addition to serving the congregation in Suldal, the pastor couple Irma and Alwin Weerstand also have contact with several other groups in other smaller towns in the area, which may eventually become new congregations.

New Life Egersund

New Life Egersund joined the New Life Apostolic Network fully from the autumn of 2020, until then the congregation had consisted of two house congregations based on TLR (The Last Reformation). The house congregations gather regularly for joint gatherings where everyone is together, at the same time as they also have their own house meetings for each of the house congregations. They have also started with public services in Egersund. New Life Egersund is also very active with street evangelism and prayer for the sick.

Anders and Oddny Sørensen, who lead New Life Egersund, also have contact with several other groups in the towns and villages in the area around Egersund.

New Life Stavanger

New Life Stavanger was planted in 2020 by Rolf and Gladys Årstad. They joined the New Life Apostolic Network in 2022.

They are a congregation with a strong focus on reaching out to Stavanger, at the same time as they spend a lot of time teaching the word of God.

New Life Hjelmeland

New Life Hjelmeland is our latest church planting project. Here we start planting in September 2021. We are now in the planning phase.