What we can offer

What New Life Apostolic Network can offer

What the New Life Apostolic Network can offer is first and foremost what we have been given by God. This is then the apostolic authority and the anointing that we are allowed to stand in. At the same time, by the grace of God, we have received revelation in God's word and messages from the Holy Spirit, which we experience that God has called us to share with you. Furthermore, we now have many anointed preachers who will be able to attend conferences or the like.

We will not be able to offer the financial support we would have liked to have given, but we experience that God has called us to start a program to help Christians and congregations become self-sufficient financially through some support and through training in marketing, finance and professional skills, but also in Godly economi. You will find more about this under the tab: projects. We will only make this program available to congregations in the network.

But perhaps the most important thing that the network can offer is precisely that we are a network. This means that it is not just us who will contribute to the network. No, you should be able to contribute what God has given you! We will post all the congregations that are in the network at all times and all the ministry gifts that are connected here at this website, so that everyone has a platform to be able to serve others in the network from. God connects us so that we can be of help and blessing to one another.

We hope you will join!

Kristin and Arild Teikari