Reformation and establishment

An apostolic and prophetic mandate for the future

New Life Apostolic Network's

Vision and mandate:

The New Life Churches are to be dwelling places in the Spirit, where God dwells with his holy presence, his power, his glory and grace, and where each individual experiences that the life of God flows in and through all areas of their life.

Through the Word and the Spirit, people will be restored, discipled, and enabled to live in the victory Jesus Christ has provided for us.

The congregations will be centers for revival, evangelism and mission, through restoration, equipping and sending. Also,  prophetic words will go forth from the churches for reformation and renewal, revival and restoration, flowing out like water from a spring.

We long for:

More of God's presence

We long to experience more and more of the good presence of God, and to help lead others into this.  Through praise and worship led by the Holy Spirit, we will help to recapture and establish this.

Churches that rise up in the glory of God

God has put his glory in our clay vessels, like a treasure. We long to see churches rising to their full potential in God, radiating God's glory to a world in darkness. We feel that God has called us to help raise up this glorious church.

More healings and more of God's power

Jesus won a perfect victory on the cross, and he did all that was necessary for our salvation, freedom, and healing. We long for more and more people to experience what Jesus has provided for us on the cross. Therefore, we will boldly lay hands on the sick, and see them healed in the name of Jesus.

More freedom for the gifts of the Spirit and greater maturity in the prophetic

We long for greater freedom and flow in the use of the gifts of the Spirit in the churches. At the same time, the Holy Spirit has  greater maturity for us in the prophetic than we see today. This is something we have been given a mandate to help establish.

Do you long for the same?