Ministers in the network:

What they are called to

Arild Teikari


Arild has a calling to help establish what is in God's heart.

The establishment is then on three levels: In the nations, in the local churches and in the individual Christian. He has a clear prophetic and apostolic nature in his preaching.

Has also planted and helped plant several churches.

Arild has also written several books.

Kristin Elstrøm Teikari

Worship pastor

Kristin has a wonderful heart for worship and praise, and has for many years led the worship work in different churches.

She has a shepherd's heart and a teacher's gift. In addition she has a passion for mission, and for reaching the unsaved.

Anders Sørensen


Anders bears the burden of reaching the unsaved, and has served as an evangelist for many years. He longs to see more and more people being healed and set free.

He has planted and participated in church planting.

He longs to equip others for ministry.

Oddny Sørensen

Prophetic ministry

Oddny has a ministry in the prophetic. She works strongly in prayer and intercession.

She has planted and participated in church plantings before.

She has a strong longing to see people healed and set free.

Alwin Weerstand

Pastor and apostlic

Alwin has a calling to help establish what is in God's heart.

At the same time he sees the one that are in need. He is pastoring one of the New Life Apostolic Networks churches in the west of Norway.

He has on his heart to train people in to ministry for the Lord.

Irma Weerstad-de Wildt

Pastor and prophetic

Irma is pastoring together with her houseband Alwin a church in the west of Norway. She preaches inspired by the Holy Spirit. 

She is ministring in the prophetic, both in messages, in intercession and through spontanius worship. 

André Bådsvik

Bible teacher and prophetic

André is an anointed bible teacher, who has been teaching at the New Life Bible School for several years. 

He has a passion for revival and the church to rise into it's God-given authority.

He is also taking new steps into a prophetic ministry.

Judit Haaland

Bible teacher and prophetic

Judit is an anointed bible teacher. She teaches often with prophetic revelation in God's word. 

She has been teaching at the New Life Bible School for several years. 

She is also taking new steps into a prophetic ministry.

Marie Edland

Prophetic ministry

Marie has a prophetic ministry that is often seen in her intercession and prayers. She is also taking new steps as a preacher.

She has spiritual warfare strongly on her heart.

Terje Gulbrandsen

Pastor and bible teacher

Terje has long experience as pastor from several churches, among those, one that he planted. 

He is a strong bible teacher with great revelation in the word, espesially regarding faith-teachings.

He has also with his wife attended Kenneth Hagin's Bible College in Tulsa, USA. 

Kirsten Gulbrandsen

Prophetic ministry

Kirsten has a heart for prayer and intercession, and are prophetic in her prayer ministry. 

She together with her husband Terje have and are running a prayer and deliverance center for the TV Channel: TV Visjon Norge. They are also active in New Life Sandnes when they are home in Sandnes.

Torgeir Sleveland


Torgeir is a true shepherd in the New Life Church in Egersund on the west coast of Norway. He is there ministering under the leadership of Anders Sørensen. 

Torgeir is strong in the Word, and has a pastor's compassion and looks at the needs of everyone in the church.

Kjell Sund

Evangelist and worshiper

Kjell is a true evangelist with a burning heart for the lost. He uses his music as a means to get in contact with unsaved people, and preaches the gospel of Jesus to them between the songs. He is also working together with Levi Jensen in street evangelising. 

Kjell is also a worshipper and has experience as a worship leader. He has released three music albums of his own music, where he writes about what Jesus has done in his life.

Stein Johan Huttunen

Bible teacher and apostolic

Stein is the leader of Nytt Liv Jørpeland.

He is an anointed Bible teacher. At the same time, he has an apostolic calling on his life, which, among other things, has lead him to be out in missions for several years.

He is also passionate about planting new churches.

Dr. Norbert Mbwiliza


Norbert is the leader of New Life Tanzania, and of the ministry: The Norbert and friends Mission.

He is an anointed Church planter,and have plantet over 30 churches in Tanzania. He is also pastoring a local church in Arusha, Tanzania.

The Norbert and friends Mission joined the New Life Apostolic Network in 2021.

What we minister in/our calling

Prophetic meetings/


We have several in our team, who float in prophetic gifts and ministries. We can minister with prophetic inspiration, to renewal, reformation and direction, depending on what the Holy Spirit gives and leads to.

Apostolic meetings/ seminars

We have several in our team, who feel called to help establish what God has for the country, the church and the individual. We feel that we have been given a mandate to help establish the new standard of Christianity in the nations.

Power evangelism

We believe, and have seen, that if one takes God seriously, and steps out of our comfort zone, then God confirms the Word with his power. We can help inspire and help establish power evangelism in your city, town or village.

Equip for ministry

We as ministry gifts have as our first task to enable the saints to do ministry. This is something we as a team are passionate about. We can help inspire, teach about, and help in to the ministry each who is called to a ministry gift.

Teach about / inspire for church planting

There are several of us in our team who are passionate about and have experience from church planting. We can therefore be involved in and inspire and teach about church planting.

Prophetic prayer and spiritual warfare

Prayer is the very engine of every church, if it calms down, there is little power and breakthrough left. There are depths in prayer that we as God's people need to enter into and begin to live in. We have experienced some of what God has for us in prayer, and long to be able to lead others into this.

Teach about praise and worship

Praise and worship are a very important part of our service to God. We as congregations have a lot to go on, before we are in the fullness of what praise and worship can be. This is something we know we can help establish.

Minister will you join us?

Lay the foundation for and help establish

A new standard

A mandate to establish

We experience that our mandate is a threefold mandate. There is a mandate to establish, but to establish on three levels:

We have been given a mandate to establish the church network New Life here in Norway and in other nations, this is what we focus on on a daily basis.

Furthermore, we have as great a focus on establishing God's potential in each individual as we are allowed and have the pleasure of serving.

The third level extends from our daily work. The Holy Spirit has given us a message of a new standard. We experience that through this, we have also been given a mandate to help establish this new standard in Christianety in Norway and other nations.

If you as a minester want to join us in our service for the Lord Jesus Christ, please contact us, so that we can talk together about it.