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How to join the New Life Apostolic Network 

as a church or a network of churches

God has raised us all up for a time like this, to spread His kingdom here on earth. Jesus has commanded us all to go out into all the world and preach his gospel, and see multitudes repent, receive salvation and be baptized in water and be baptized in the Spirit. In addition, we were to make disciples and teach them all that Jesus has commanded us.

In this also lies the truth that the Holy Spirit is now restoring in his global church, namely that he will bring the church back to the original - the Fivefold Church. This is a church where all five ministry gifts are functional and given the space they need to operate. Here, the church does not consist of an audience, but of disciples who have all been released into their function in the ministry of the believer.

This is what the Holy Spirit has placed on us in the New Life Apostolic Network, as a responsibility with great weight. As we feel this call and this charge from the Holy Spirit, we also see how God opens doors for us, in a way we could not have dreamed of.

Therefore, we will take the apostolic responsibility that we have been given, in helping to lead the church of God into what lies ahead, that we may all arise in his glory, as fivefold churches, where everyone is functioning.

We believe that the end time will be a wonderful time of harvest, but for that to happen, the church must return to the way it was in the beginning.

We will therefore invite into our network those who wish to participate in this refreshing and restoration. This does not mean that you have to be a perfect fivefold church to be able to join the network. No, but you must have seen that this is God's will and God's way for the church, and be willing to let yourselves be changed to become more and more of a fivefold church.

Both individual churches and church networks can apply to become members of the New Life Apostolic Network.



The church must believe in, preach and practice the whole gospel. Jesus won a total victory on the cross, which means that when he cried out that it was finished! So it is with our salvation, our healing, and our deliverance. The gospel is the power of God to be saved by, to be healed from all diseases and afflictions by, and to be delivered from demons and the fortifications of the enemy in the mighty name of Jesus.


Jesus told his disciples to wait in Jerusalem until they had the Holy Spirit upon them to have the power to witness about Him throughout the world. Life in the Holy Ghost is crucial to our ability to witness. A prerequisite for applying for membership in the New Life Apostolic Network is that the congregation believes in and practices the baptism in the Holly Spirit, speaks in tongues and welcomes all the spiritual gifts in the congregation's meetings. We are totally dependent on the Holy Spirit, therefore we want as much as possible of what He has for us.


Peter said in his Pentecostal speech: "Repent and be baptized, and you will be saved!" This shows how baptism is meant to take place after one has repented in his heart from his life in sin, after one has received salvation in Jesus Christ, by believing in his heart and confessing with his mouth that Jesus is Lord. Baptism is more than just a symbolic act. In baptism one buries the old body of sin, the old life in sin, and one rises with Jesus Christ to live in Him. To join as a congregation in the New Life Apostolic Network, one must practice baptism of believers in the congregation.


To apply for membership in the network, the church must have a desire to become a fivefold church. This does not mean that you allready have to be a fivefold church, but you must work towards becoming one. If, on the other hand, you are happy with the traditional congregation, the old wine skins, where a pastor has to do everything in front of a passive congregation, then this network is not for you. We believe in congregations where all five ministry gifts are in operation and where the entire congregation is to be active in the believer's ministry.


The most important thing we have in our worship services is the presence of God. Without God filling the house with His glory and presence, we have nothing. The churches shall all be built up to become dwellings for God in the Spirit, where God can dwell in the midst of his people. That was why God commanded Moses to build the tabernacle. Now the individual Christian and the congregation are the temples of God in the new covenant, where God will dwell with his presence. The congregations that apply must therefore have praise and worship in Spirit and truth as a priority part of their worship services and in their lifes.


In order to apply for membership in the New Life Apostolic Network, it is crucial that you are led to this step by the Holy Spirit. If your motivation for applying for membership is based either on church policy reasons or on a hope of being able to receive financial support from the network, you will not be accepted as a member of the network. We desire only those who experience that the Holy Spirit places the calling on them. Neither we nor you are to build our own kingdom. Therefore we shall only do what the Holy Spirit leads us to do. Before you apply, please make sure you seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost in this, therefore.


The congregations that want to apply for membership in the network must be able to show that they have a sound and biblical teaching. The sum of God's Word is truth, one can thus not build one's theology on a few detached verses, but one must look at the total picture that God's Word paints. Important areas where this has been sinned against in recent years are through the so-called extreme grace preaching. Here it is important that the congregations have a balanced preaching of grace against the need for sanctification and the holy life.

How to apply

and the process to become a member of the network

The first thing you need to do to become a member of the New Life Apostolic Network is that as a church leadership you must seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit in becoming a member or not. Next, you need to bring it up with the congregation. If you still feel that you should apply, you must fill out the application form, which you will find the link to below. It is a form for individual congregations and a form for networks of churches.

Once you have submitted your application, we will review your responses and ask for confirmation by the Holy Spirit on what you have felt. Here too we will want to talk to you online, where we go deeper into who you are, what you stand for and what you stand in. If we experience that the Holy Spirit confirms that you should become members, we will give you first a trial membership of one year. After that year, the congregation becomes a full member of the New Life Apostolic Network with all that entails.

We hope that God will connect us, and that together we will spread His kingdom throughout the world!

Your brother in Christ
Arild Teikari
Leading Apostle